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Singapore NanoTechnology Network

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2nd Workshop on Manufacturing Technologies for a Sustainable Society. May 5th, 2011 To view Upcoming and Past Events, please click here
--Agency for Science, Technology, and Research (A*STAR)
--International Enterprise Singapore (IE)
--National Research Foundation Singapore (NRF)
--Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)
--SPRING Singapore
--Institute of Microelectronics (IME)
--NanoCore (NUS)
--Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Cluster
--Organic Nano Device Laboratory (ONDL)
--SERC Nanofabrication and Characterisation (SNFC)
--Singapore Institute of Manufacturing (SIMTech)
--Asia Nano Forum (ANF)
--Singapore Nanotechnology Network (SingNano)
--Singapore MEMS Consortium
--Industrial Consortium on NanoImprint (I.C.O.N)
--Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd
--NanoGlobe Pte Ltd
--NanoFrontier Pte Ltd
--Nanoholdings Asia Pte Ltd
--Nanostart Asia Pte Ltd
--Small World Group Incubator
--Bayer MaterialScience Functional Films Research Center Singapore
--Bilcare Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd
--Biomers Pte Ltd
--CIMA Nanotech, Inc
--Carl Zeiss SMT Pte Ltd
--Curiox Biosystems Pte Ltd
--Haruna (S) Pte Ltd
--Mikrotools Pte Ltd
--NanoBright Technologies Pte Ltd
--Nanofilm Technologies International Pte Ltd
--NanoMaterials Technology Pte Ltd
--Nanoscience Innovation Pte Ltd
--Qtech Nanosystems Pte Ltd
--Quantum Precision Instruments Asia Pte Ltd
--ShayoNano Singapore Pte Ltd
--Solves Innovative Technology Pte Ltd
--SuperiorCoat Pte Ltd
--Tera Barrier Films Pte Ltd
--Zyvex Asia Pte Ltd
--Caltron Pte Ltd
--Biodistribution of engineered nanomaterials, rapid screening of toxicity, advance microscopy techniques and risk assessment
--Conjugated polymers for optoelectronic devices and bio-sensors
--Economical production of CNTs with well--defined atomic structure
--Ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials and devices
--Graphene--based advanced functional materials and nano-devices
--Modified method for synthesizing nanocomposites with optimized homogeneity
--Nanostructured functional materials
--Nanostructured thermoelectric & nano--ferroelectric materials for micro-actuation; Porous ceramic systems for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC)
--Polyimide (PI)/clay nanocomposite Film and UV Curable Hard Coating
--Precision synthesis of nanoparticles for optics, batteries & fuel cells
--Proton exchange membrane and nanoparticles for fuel cells
--Solution--processed graphene devices, and polymer organic light-emitting diodes, transistors and solar cells
--3D High aspect ratio nano lithography using proton beam writing (PBW)
--CNT/Polymer nanocomposites-based porous film sensor
--Dip--pen nanolithography generated catalysts patterns & nanomaterials
--Graphene electronics, optoelectronics and metamaterials, etc.
--Interferometric Optical Near-field Nanoscopy(IONN)
--MEMS, biosensors, biochip fabrication, nanotechnology
--MOEMS; tunable lasers; RF MEMS; PBG and bio-chip research
--Microsystems and nanosystems fabrication and packaging, low temperature wafer/substrate bonding, advanced interconnection materials
--Nanoimprint lithography development for fabrication of 3-D submicron and nanometer structures
--Silicon photonics
--Top--down fabrication of Si, SiGe nanowires (NWs) and nanodevices
--Zinc oxide nanowire-based nanodevices
--Technology Platform for Components and Structure
--Platform for Research and Industry Development
--Si-Photonics Prototyping Services
--DNA modified nanoparticles for mercury colorimetric detection
--Nano-graphene based materials for Solar Cells and Transistors
--Molecular engineering of membrane materials, nanotechnology, membrane fabrication, separation science and technologies for water reuse, desalination, energy (natural gas, hydrogen, biofuel), chemicals, proteins and pharmaceuticals separation, CO2 capture
--Organic electronics (OLED & OPV)
--Organic semiconductors and organic electronics
--Printable flexible batteries and supercapacitors
--Solar driven photocatalytic TiO2 coating for self-cleaning application
--Biodegradable functional nanoparticles as drug delivery carriers and antimicrobial agents
--Biomark-free cancer biochip to retrieve Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs)
--Cancer nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine
--Electrospun nanofibers for tissue regeneration, man-made scaffold and peripheral nerve repair
--Magnetic nanoparticles for cellular imaging and targeting
--Metal nanoparticle-based bioassays for nucleic acids & proteins
--MWCNT-based glucose sensing and insulin drug delivery system
--Nanostructured drug-loaded contact lenses for ocular drug delivery
--Nanostructured materials and drug delivery
--Nanostructured materials and drug formulation
--Silicon-based MEMS, bioMEMS process and integration, microfluidic devices
--Synthesis of advanced nanocomposites for catalytic, energy and biomaterial applications
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4 Battery Road #25-01
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Singapore, 049908

Singapore Nanotechnology Capabilities Report

This Report provides comprehensive information on Singapore nanotech R&D infrastructure and network platform; research capabilities in a) Nanomaterials and Applications, b) Nano‐Device and Nano‐Patterning, c) Microelectronics /MEMS Platform, d) Clean Technology, and e) Medical Technology; nanotech SMEs (technology, sales and marketing companies); investment, incubation and consulting firms; and government funding agencies.

In addition to showcasing Singapore nanotechnology capabilities and ecosystem, the report intends to offer a clear glance of information for companies or research organizations to identify collaboration partners, help seeking incubation and investment support as well as business development services.

The Report will be updated every 6 months. We would like to thank all the contributors featured in the report and the support of the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB).

If you are interested in the full PDF version of The Report, please take few minutes to fill in the following survey form before you can download the report for free. Download Singapore Nanotechnology Capabilities Report