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For almost 20 years NanoGlobe has been providing hands-on business development and advice for emerging technologies.  

For emerging technologies, and now sustainable technologies, NanoGlobe not only helps you understand the future, but also helps you create the future with hands-on support.

NanoGlobe provides the bridge to get your technology seeds to become a business and get to market.

NanoGlobe helps startups, small and large companies, research institutes and agencies, as well as governments.

Introducing such emerging technologies and concepts usually requires holistic and strategic thinking and the building up of whole ecosystems. From helping clients to demonstrate that at a system level, new nanotechnology can pay for itself, to driving the links to complete a circular economy.

Therefore at NanoGlobe, we pride ourselves on our relationships and our on-the-ground focus.

NanoGlobe was founded and is managed by Dr. Lerwen Liu, "Asia's Nanotech Ambassador" and now driving sustainable tech and circular economy initiatives in Asia.

Meet The Team

Lerwen Liu

Managing Director

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Giulio Manzoni

Director of Product Development

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Mark Foley

Director of Strategy & Markets

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Takeshi Inoshita

Director of Technology


Y.B. Park

Senior Consultant (South Korea)

Watson photo.jpg

Jingfu (Watson) Yan

Senior Consultant (China)

Victor Stickel.jpg

Victor Stickel

Industry Partnerships Manager

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Technology & Market Analyst

Arslan Siddique

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Design and Media Communication Manager

Teeramate Nuanplub

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