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Strategic Advisory

Strategy & Policy Advice: 

  • How will emerging technologies and sustainability impact you?

  • Where and how to grab the opportunities.

Strategic Assessments: 

  • In what areas can you compete?

  • What are competitors doing?

Capability Assessments:​

  • In-depth technology and industry capability assessments.

  • Do you have the capabilities to compete?

  • How to build up your capabilities.


  • Help you plan out the way forward.

Ecosystem Building:

  • Assessment of where to focus.

  • How to build an ecosystem.

  • Hands-on ecosystem-building support.

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Business Meeting

Business Development

Analysis of Technology & Market Potential:

  • A bridge between technology 'seeds' and market 'needs'. 

  • Does you technology have a future?

  • Can your technology become a product? 

  • Does your technology have a market?

  • Will your product have customers?

Business Model / Business Plan Support:

  • How to approach a business opportunity.

  • Where to focus.

  • How to enter the market etc.

Competitive Analysis:​

  • Who are the potential competitors worldwide?

  • Where and how to compete.

Hands-On Business Implementation Support:

  • On the ground with you driving the business.

  • Can act as your employee. 

Creating Strategic Partnerships:

  • Linking you to strategic partners & customers.

  • Driving proof of concept, customer trials.

  • Linking investors.

Strategic Marketing:

  • Where and how to focus your message.

  • Marketing materials, exhibitions, etc.

Data Analytics:

  • Adding more depth to your solution.

Hands-On Business Development Support
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