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Social and Economic Empowerment

SC GRAND established the VT THAI platform (, an online e-commerce platform dedicated to support Thai Handcraft culture and provide sustainably produced products to global consumers.


GC has been one of the founding organizations of PPP Plastics. It targets to reduce plastic leakage to the ocean and reach 100% recycling by 2030. It is building a pilot community model in Rayong province (where its production facility is located) to significantly reduce plastic waste to landfill by “connecting the dots” for recyclable plastics as well as behavior change, linking together the municipality, SME recycling companies, communities, and household members.

It has been successful in creating role models at the individual, household, and community level in behavior change in waste reduction, segregation, and recycling. It also helped families pay off their debts through the collection and selling of wastes. GC will further support the Rayong model to the rest of the country.

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